Services for Companies

International trade is a whole new way of working If you have succeed, it assures you high benefits and a direct path to growth.

Chosing new markets is vital. Spain is a great market for importations and exportation. It has lower costs in production and there is a medium-high class willing to buy new products from abroad.

If you are importing to Spain (or exporting from), there are several services you may need help. Let’s get to the point. Why you should hire a consultant for your international operations with Spain?

Think how much it would cost if you hire for your company your own qualified staff, English-Spanish speakers; the cost of elaborating new marketing material, commercial travels, support in Spanish, translations and logistics.

I can give you all of it, so you can focus  on what you are really good: manufacture products and provide services. Leave the rest to me.

If you don’t have operations one month, you won’t have expenses neither.