Services on Personal Branding

Who are you? It’s an open, direct and simple (also rude) question. The truth is this is the question that everyone will ask themselves about you. From a professional point of view, social networks and global access to the internet bring us amazing opportunities.

Market yourself; notice your work, your skills, and what you are able and willing to do. Control the information about yourself and manage it so it boosts your image! Make a name for yourself, be respected. Be the one who decides the answer to the question “who are you?”

That’s what we call Personal Branding, a way leading to a uniquely distinguishable impression.

How can you diferentiate from others?

There are different things you can do and I can help you with. Let me teach you how to elaborate a personal branding strategy; set your goals and show you the different tools you can use.

These are the products I can offer you:

Traducción de presentaciones y otros documentos

¿Necesitas traducir tus presentaciones, plan de negocios o catálogo a Inglés? Ahora puedes tener una traducción profesional, con lenguaje técnico por sólo 5€ cada página.

Video curso en presentaciones expertas

Este curso te dará las claves y te enseñará como convertirte en un experto a la hora de realizar presentaciones.

Vcard website

Your website (with license), domain ".com", hosting and custom email addresses (up to 10) for only 79€. Choose inbetween one of our models and have your Vcard in less than a week.

Pack Web Personal

Tu página web (con licencia de por vida), más dominio .com (o .es), más hosting y correos personalizados (hasta 10) por sólo 79€. Elige entre uno de nuestros modelos y ten tu propia Vcard en una semana.