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Your website (with license), domain ".com", hosting and custom email addresses (up to 10) for only 79€. Choose inbetween one of our models and have your Vcard in less than a week.

SKU: PB001
General Details
A resume fits on two pages. Do you really think in a hiring process you will get notice over the other? What’s the best? Send a pdf with these two pages or link to your own website?

And if you have your own domain, personal email and you can add this extra information that doesn’t fit on your cv?

Show all your experience, portfolio of products (or projects you have worked on) and how to contact with you. ANd do it in a professional way.

And even better, what if your potential employer googles you and find your website?

Diferentitate from the rest. Boost your image.

These are the models availables: click on and test them:

  1. LETA – Vcard
  2. BOOKCARD – Vcard
  3. CASCADE – Vcard
  4. ZWIN – Vcard
  5. GREY – Vcard


Pack content
Pack includes:

  • Html5 website (responsive)
  • License of the template.
  • Domain .com and hosting (the first year)
  • Custom email addresses (up to 10)
  • Inclusion on the internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Generation of the sitemap and indexation.


Price is 79€ (taxes included).



Maintenance costs
The pack includes domain and hosting for the first year.

After the first year period expires, you will have two expenses: extention of the domain  and hosting (once a year).

These expenses are low. Domain is around 14€ and Hostin 24€ (taxes included

If you prefer, after the first year you can transfer the domain to your own service provider if you prefer to manage it by yourserlf.