Start point

I will establish the current situation of your company to address internationalization


Potential of your products to be imported into Spain


Importations and exportations of products like yours in Spain. Highlights of the competence.

Standardization or Adaptaction

What does your product (or service) need to be sold in Spain.

Social media

Analysis of your current social networks and which ones are the best for you in Spain.


Diagnosis of your company. Your strengths to succeed here and what you should change to achieve it.

It’s about what you need

Each international operation is unique. Benefits are high; risks too. Eliminating the lack of knowledge and uncertainty is the way to avoid the potential threats.

Internationalization has been the engine that has kept companies afloat during crisis time. It’s the key to grow now.

Why you should hire a consultant for your exportations in Spain?

  1. 1
    Tailor made consultancy

    It’s not what I can offer you, it’s about what you need. Together we will analyze your needs and how to deal with them in the best way possible Tell me what you want and I will fight to reach it.

    Check the Services tap to find out all fields where we can work together. If you need something different, ask me.

  2. 2
    Minimize your costs

    Sometimes, selling to a new market, like Spain, entails high costs. You would need qualified staff, elaborate new marketing material, support in Spanish, translations and a way to save the physical barrier.

    Subhiring it to a native consultant avoid a huge part of these expenses. Focus on what you are really good: manufacture products and provide services. Leave logistics, support and marketing to me.

    If you don’t have operations one month, you won’t have expenses neither.

  3. 3
    Full assessment

    International trade is not only selling abroad (or buying). There are a whole new tasks to fulfill: logistics, local legislation, payment methods, support, discrepancies control, commerce terms and marketing material. You can have all of it in just one person.

  4. 4
    Presence in the field

    Emails, phone calls and video conferences are good. But for your clients it would be much better face to face encounters. Potential customers are going to be resilient to do business because of the language barrier.

    What if you had an agent on the field? Would you like to have someone here to accompany you when you come here? For fair trades, commercial visits or presentations?

    Count on me.

Challenge your present, define your future

Desafía al presente y define tu futuro